Representative services

Our specialists, companies and branches in different countries are ready to represent the interests of your business in various areas, with the preparation of a comprehensive market presence strategy providing for different types of market entry.

The basic principle of work for all partners provides for full disclosure of information and the implementation of all operations according to the open book system. We always act in the exclusive interests of our clients, always representing them and acting on their behalf.

According to our capabilities in various countries, we are ready to provide all the necessary attributes of any company presence provided by local legislation.

Trading solution

Our specialists in different countries are engaged in export-import operations for different types of goods that helps companies find new customers and expand their sales network. We work as an intermediary between a company and potential customers, providing them with information about goods and services and helping them to close deals.

We can provide software development services based on orders from industry, which will include a thorough examination of the requirements. Complex engineering and automation of enterprises, purchase of real estate and ready-made businesses, investment projects.


We can suggest your company a professional marketing service that will help your business increase its visibility and attract new customers. We offer a wide range of services including website creation and promotion, contextual advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, as well as analytics and reporting. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a customized marketing strategy to suit your business. With the help of our service, you’ll be able to focus on your core business while we work on attracting new clients for you.


We specialize in helping companies enter markets in a number of countries where we have strong, long-term relationships. At the same time helping your company by conducting an in-depth analysis of the mechanisms of your IT infrastructure, as well as selecting technologically and economically correct approaches for its improvement.

Our experts will help you assess the state of information technologies and their compliance with your business needs, identify failures and form a strategy for IT infrastructure transformation.

Technology consulting services are aimed at ensuring safe, efficient and uninterrupted functioning of the client’s information systems. We provide support for all the most common platforms, aimed at identifying system failures at early stages, analyzing emerging problems, and full control over all elements of the IT landscape.

IT Development

We can offer you various IT development services:

  • software – computer programs, including, but not exclusively, computer and mobile applications, websites, information systems etc.,
  • the works on creating 3D visualization
  • documentation necessary to produce furniture and furniture parts, as well as design concepts to produce furniture and interior elements, etc.